You will be very impressed with the service and the quality of work we provide. When calling around receiving quotes, be an educated shopper. Here are a few questions you need to ask:

Question: How can we offer a larger truck by 20% plus 20% lower price then the competitor?

Answer:   We can offer a lower price with an average saving of 20% and a truck that, instead of being

10 foot long as College Hunks and Got Junk our trucks are 12 foot long. Our prices are less

expensive because we are a family owned and operated business without paying any franchise fees.

College Hunks and Got Junk are a franchise operated company, Haul 911 is not associated with

either of these companies.

Question: Is the price based on the amount of room taken within the truck?

Answer: We base our junk removal fees on Cubic foot of space taken within our truck.

Question: Will one of your supervising Managers from your company be present at my home or office to supervise every moment of the project to completion?

Answer: Haul 911 Junk Removal Always has an Manager on site, supervising the project to completion and we strive exceptionally hard to meet your total satisfaction requirements.

Question: Is your company fully insured? Also, are your employees insured if damages should happen to occur?

Answer: Haul 911 Junk Removal and all of its employees are fully insured, if asked in advance, we will forward a copy of our insurance binder to your office for your review. We screen every employee with an in depth background check prior to being hired. Your safety and peace of mind is paramount to the owners of our family run company.

Question: Will you come to my home or office even on Saturdays at no additional charge?

Answer: Haul 911 Junk Removal will work till 6:00 pm, six days a week at no additional charge to the customer.

Question: Can you give me a complete junk removal cost over the phone? or can I view your fees on the internet?

Answer: Most Companies do not want to quote over the phone nor do most publish their rates on the internet. With all of the correct information and an accurate detail given to Haul 911 Junk Removal we would be more than happy to quote a job over the phone, and yes, we do publish our fees on the internet.*

Our Employees do not recieve a bonus on final fees collected as with most other junk removal companies do in our area.

Question: When you go threw my home or office how do you plan on protect my carpets or flooring from getting soiled?

Answer: If requested, Haul 911 Junk removal would be more than happy to help protect your floors and carpet from soiling with our specially designed flooring protection guard at no additional fee.

Local - 301-831-1101
Toll Free - 888-HAUL-911

* Ask for more detail when you call to schedule your project and disclosing all of the hazards and conditions of the job. Our full truck load fees are based on two employees working two hours per full truck load. If out of the normal or unforeseen conditions arise, additional fees may be added once reviewing the jobs requirements. Mattresses are hauled at an additional nominal fee.


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